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So what’s Eat Guides: Barcelona all about, anyway?

Eat Guides: Barcelona is about good food. Too often travelers in Barcelona end up at mediocre restaurants eating overpriced meals. As locals living in the city, we’ve been there, and wanted to do something about it. Eat Guides: Barcelona features forty of our favorite places, spotlighting eateries and bars we have tried and tested many times.

We’re not food snobs. We’re not chefs. We’re two people who love to eat and drink. We rarely order a glass, preferring the bottle. We always get appetizers. Often, we’re the last table to leave.

Our aim is to offer a little something for everyone. We cover high-end venues with the same affection as the cheapo mom-and-pop joint. The majority of our recommendations are affordable restaurants for the average traveling Joe. We focus on regional Spanish and Catalan restaurants in our guide, but you’ll also find international options serving Japanese, Indian, Thai, American, Italian, and more. We know what a drag it can be to travel with food allergies or as a vegetarian, so we’ve selected a few spots that cater to these folks, too.

We believe that everyone deserves to eat well, no matter your budget, restrictions, or beliefs.


Our guide is informal and personal, offering more than a blurb and a street address. These are our experiences and our stories from chowing down in Barcelona. We hope they give you insight to our lives here, while inspiring you to taste and savor all the Catalan capital has to offer.

Eat awesome tapas in Barcelona!

What you get for $4.99:

  • 40 excellent spots to eat and drink in Barcelona.
  • Maps with restaurant listings.
  • Photos of food, restaurants, experiences, and us!
  • Pricing info.
  • Addresses & opening times.
  • Tips on food culture in Spain.
  • Tips on shopping Barcelona’s markets.
  • Where to go on foodie tours and day-trips.
  • Food & drink festivals held annually in Barcelona.
  • Glossary of food words in Spanish & Catalan
  • Stories about our lives here, and where we love to eat!


Eventually the guide will also be out on Nook, Kobo, PagePusher, iBooks, Scribed, Copia, Gardners Books, Baker & Taylor, and eSentral. We’ll also let you know when there’s a paperback version.

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